Happy Birthday Photo Editing, Picsart Birthday Party Photo Editing Tutorial


Happy Birthday Photo Editing, Picsart Birthday Party Photo Editing  Tutorial

“Happy Birthday Photo Editing ”
All of us say this to our friends, relatives andnear and ear ones. And not only we say but also we hear when it’s our birthday. 
As the technology is changing day by day, so as our birthday wishing style. Like in earlier 80’s and 90’s people used to sent postcards for giving birthday wishes, then came the era of wishing through SMS and nowadays we wish through facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc. But i am sure, many of us want to give Gifts to our friends and relatives but it is only possible if they are living to our nearby areas. Then how to send gifts to our near and dear ones who are living at far places. There is an option for courier but why to spend extra on courier charges, when we have a better option for a more cool looking gift.

Yeah! i am sure, you will also like this gift, which is Editing a beautiful photo for your friend or cousin. Don’t worry we are not going to make you purchase and learn adobe Photoshop for editing, we have a more easier option for you of editing, we have made a step by step video for you guys to easily understand how to edit a Happy Birthday Photo Rc Editz and also we will make you understand how to click the photo. You can click your photo at your place and ask your friend to send you the photo of him from his place and then you can easily edit that photo in a Free Mobile phone app called PicsArt.

First you have to open your picsart application in your mobile phone and the first thing you need to do here is to remove the background, don’t worry it is very easy too. Then we will bring in the new background in picsart, add yourself and your friend’s image along. Then in the third step we will import some PNG images like cake, gifts, knife and some more. And lastly in the final step we will do final color correction of the whole image to make it look more cool and also more realistic.

And now you are ready to send this Awesome looking gift to your friend or relative and it’s very easy to send via social media platforms and also Rc Editz it shows your effort to the other person you are sending the photo that how much time and effort you took to make something special for him.

Also guys, you need not woory about the PNG images and the background images which we are using in this video as below this article i am providing you with all the links to the iamges, which we are going to use to make a Happy Birthday Editing Photo Tutorial.

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